Video Production

Resources Used

  • Illustrations created in Affinity Designer

  • iPad Pro 10.5"

  • Apple Pencil II

  • Sony mirrorless camera

  • Various Sony & Sigma lenses

  • iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 13 Pro Max

  • Rode microphones or on-device mics

  • LED 660 continuous with soft boxes

  • LumaFusion Video Editor, Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Rush, and Adobe Premiere Pro


Most of my video work is not viewable by the public due to intellectual property rights of the institutions for which I created the content. Most of it is internal video used in lessons in a Learning Management System (LMS). That material was intended for adult learners, on which most of my career has been focused. 

Because I unfortunately don't have access to those wonderful adult learning videos, what I've provided for you here are a few short videos I've made as a hobby, some with my children.

  • The Halloween-themed video is a Dry Ice Experiment I recorded with my children as a YouTube video.

  • The "Potting a Plant" video is a simple demonstration of various effects in Adobe Premiere Rush, which I filmed, edited, and published one afternoon (as part of a training exercise). 

  • The Amazing Ways to Start a Speech video is content I made for another YouTube channel.

  • In the "Counting 11-20" voiceover video, even though the core of the animation is from an app called Papumba, I added to the video with some simple animations to clarify a few points.


Please keep in mind some of these videos and accordingly, their style, is intended for children ages 3 to 8. The children's videos are for a side project I created with my children, called BrainPlayTV. You'll notice a different style and look across the different videos. The same is true for my institutional/corporate videos. I'm a communication expert so I highly value audience analysis when creating videos.