Video Production

Resources Used

  • Illustrations created in Affinity Designer

  • iPad Pro 10.5"

  • Apple Pencil II

  • Sony mirrorless camera

  • Various Sony & Sigma lenses

  • iPhone 8 plus

  • Rode microphones or on-device mics

  • LED 660 continuous with soft boxes

  • LumaFusion Video Editor

  • Adobe Premiere Rush


Most of my video work is not viewable by the public due to intellectual property rights of the institutions for which I created the content. Most of it is internal video used in lessons in a Learning Management System (LMS). That material was intended for adult learners, on which most of my career has been focused. 

Because I unfortunately don't have access to those wonderful adult learning videos, what I've provided for you here are a few short videos I've made as a hobby, some with my children.

  • The Halloween-themed video is a Dry Ice Experiment I recorded with my children as a YouTube video.

  • The "Potting a Plant" video is a simple demonstration of various effects in Adobe Premiere Rush, which I filmed, edited, and published one afternoon (as part of a training exercise). 

  • The Amazing Ways to Start a Speech video is content I made for another YouTube channel.

  • In the "Counting 11-20" voiceover video, even though the core of the animation is from an app called Papumba, I added to the video with some simple animations to clarify a few points.


Please keep in mind some of these videos and accordingly, their style, is intended for children ages 3 to 8. The children's videos are for a side project I created with my children, called BrainPlayTV. You'll notice a different style and look across the different videos. The same is true for my institutional/corporate videos. I'm a communication expert so I highly value audience analysis when creating videos.