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In the Adventure

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In the Adventure

My creative side decided one day I wanted to mix photography with vector illustration design. That's what led to my latest series of illustrated books and also to my "In the Adventure" idea. 


The concept was to offer local photography sessions for families, then give them a photography package consisting of three (3) regular images, as well as one (1) image which I'd put into one of my illustrated scenes. I have five scenes from which families can choose and when they get their images a few days after the shoot, they also get one which has been inserted into an illustrated scene. 


Families get that image at 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm) and for an additional fee, I provide them with that image at 5'x5' (152cm x 152cm), along with a discount code to use when ordering a wallpaper wall mural.


If you're interested in ordering an "In the Adventure" photo package, and you're in the Greater Atlanta / West Georgia area, please contact me for pricing. 

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