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Vector Illustration

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Despite all the bad things that happened because of the Covid-19 pandemic, some good things happened, too. One of those was that I learned how to illustrate with vector design software. Since then I've been commissioned to do a few logo designs and I created most of these illustrations for personal projects. I'm certainly no expert given I only learned how to do vector illustration as of March 2020, but I really do enjoy drawing in my spare time and I love the fact that I can now create my own assets for virtual trainings. 

You'll see more of my illustration work on my Illustrated Books page, an idea created entirely by me, to do my own photography, and put the photos of children directly into the book stories. 

If you're interested in hiring me as an illustrator or purchasing prints of my work, please contact me. I'm willing to move to Europe for a full-time position and I'm willing to work remotely for contract illustration work. I enjoy creating game, book, and educationally-oriented illustrations. Occasionally I accept logo design commissions.

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