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Who is John?


John is an experienced and creative communication professional with a demonstrated record of success in communication design, training, andragogy (teaching adult learners through experiential and practical design), branding, and user design - specializing in applying play theories to bolster engagement.

What's my motivation?
I’m a training and communication design geek who genuinely believes there’s a difference between having to learn something and wanting to learn something. As a trainer it’s my passion to not simply teach, but to inspire people to learn. As a communication designer, regardless of the medium, it’s my passion to convey information in efficient, functional, and engaging ways.

What good is a website or an article if it isn’t appealing enough to read? What good is a training session or video if it isn’t engaging enough to lure people in and inspire them to “want” to listen and watch? The focus has to be on learning, growth, and value, not merely on conveying information. That’s the key to good engagement.

“Meeting our goals” is fine but “surpassing our goals” is the aim of inspired workers and learners. That level of inspiration and engagement is what I strive to craft in everything I do. Maybe it’s the nerd in me, but that’s what I love doing. 

Do I fit in with your organization? 

Do I have what it takes for your position? 

Let's take a look.

  • Has education and experience in digital communication design and analysis

  • Has real-world experience in content design and production

  • Has over a decade of experience in adult learning using digital tools, and has advanced experience in learning technologies for blended and online learning

  • Has 16+ years of working experience with digital, blended, and traditional learning production and instructional design, methodologies, skills assessment, data tracking, presentation creation, interactive content development, and video, with a focus on providing value, inspiring audiences, and facilitating growth

  • Has 22+ years of professional communication experience

  • Has experience in vector graphic design, user experience, and web branding design 

  • Has a love of Languages:

    • English - excellent in both written and spoken (native proficiency)

    • Spanish - beginner to medium proficiency in both written and spoken

    • Japanese - beginner proficiency in spoken only

    • Swedish - beginner proficiency in written and spoken (I'm learning it now and hope to master it)

    • German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Russian, French, and Korean - only a few phrases and words in each (I hope to learn more German)

  • Has a passion for understanding human behavior, creative learning design, and inspiring others to grow and improve

  • Great at managing projects from start to end, has the fortitude to see things through, and can juggle multiple projects and deadlines well

  • Thrives in a working environment of change and sees controlled chaos as a challenge

  • Knows how to build enough structure in day-to-day goals to deliver, and knows how to adapt to changing circumstances

  • Is a self-starter and can work independently but also highly values collaboration 

  • Excellent communicator with automatic audience analysis & awareness, and can talk with any audience/group, from business partners to custodians

  • Has a strategic approach when planning learning outcomes and a practical attitude when it comes to learning solutions, especially due to my former career in engineering design

  • Doesn't care for prestige and believes growth, development, and providing value is most important

  • Highly values diversity and inclusion and has a great respect and appreciation for cultural differences

  • Has a love for play theory and good humor (Warning: you may be subjected to wholesome dad jokes) 

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