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Communication Design

Resources Used

  • Adobe (Photoshop, InDesign)

  • Microsoft Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher)

  • Google Suite (Docs, Email, Sheets, Meet, Calendar, Keynote)

  • Vector Illustrations created in Affinity Designer or used stock art

  • Wrike, Asana, Audacity, Adobe Acrobat, SharePoint, many utility apps

Need a Communication Specialist?

If you're interested in hiring me as a Communication(s) Specialist, please contact me. I'm eager to relocate to Europe for a permanent position. I'm also willing to work remotely or in-office in the Greater Atlanta area. For details of my experience, please refer to my Communication Specialist CV.

Media / Channels

I've created literally thousands of different communication pieces. If you'll read my resume, you'll see that I have experience in the fields of Communication Management and Community Development, civil and electrical engineering design, as well as having been a Communications instructor at colleges and universities (for 13 years). I also owned my own media company for a few years as a side job and published a weekly newsletter.


These careers allowed me to create communication content such as:

  • informational presentations

  • training/demonstrative presentations

  • training manuals

  • persuasive presentations

  • "after-dinner" (humorous) presentations

  • a printed weekly newsletter

  • websites

  • radio advertisements

  • radio talk show guest appearances

  • radio air personality

  • curriculum plans

  • newspaper citations

  • television citations

  • tactful emails

  • interviews

  • procedural documents

  • legal documents

  • blueprints

  • safety presentations

  • budgetary proposals

  • design summaries

  • fundraising letters

  • leadership workshops

  • software workshops

  • directed theatrical plays

  • syllabi

  • skills assessments

  • content evaluations

  • scholarly journal article

  • learning design documents

  • activity design sheets

  • and much, much more!

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