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Family Photography

Equipment Used

  • Sony mirrorless camera

  • Various Sony and Sigma lenses

  • Affinity Photo for editing


Some of my earliest memories only still exist because a photograph was there to reinforce the stories I heard my parents tell. After my maternal grandfather died when I was three years old, I certainly wouldn't have remembered what he looked like or that he loved playing with me had it not been for two things: stories my parents told, and photographs of us together. 

To me, photography is more than simply a thing I do. I know the result of my family photography work can affect lives and memories, and bring together generations. 


I immensely enjoy photography, especially in the areas of family, nature, and street (architecture) photography. Besides, who wouldn't love taking pictures of their own kids? Being able to document moments of our lives and others' lives is incredibly special to me. 

Need a Photographer?

If you're interested in booking me for a photo session and you're in the Greater Atlanta / West Georgia area, please contact me.

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