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Illustrated Book Design

Resources Used

  • Illustrations created in Affinity Designer

  • iPad Pro 10.5"

  • Apple Pencil II

  • Sony mirrorless camera

  • Various Sony & Sigma lenses

  • Illustrations are done in all vector design (other than the child pictured)

Need an Illustrator?

If you're interested in hiring me as an illustrator, please contact me. I'm eager and willing to move to Europe for a full-time position, and I'm willing to work remotely for contract illustration work. I enjoy creating game, book, and educationally-oriented illustrations. 


I'm usually thinking all the time about how to do things, how to improve things, or about completely new things. My name is even on a patent for a piece of farm equipment. 

As an example of how my ideas come to me, one night I sprang out of bed at midnight with a new idea and I wrote through the entire night. By dawn, I'd written an outline for a new, 14-chapter science-fiction book. 

For these books however, I had the creative idea to add the photographs of children to some of my illustrated stories (the child pictured in the Elf Emergency photo is a low-quality stock image to protect the identity of the real child).


I'd never seen this done before so I thought, "why not give it a try?" I brainstormed on some plot lines, wrote a few children's book stories, revised them considering page illustrations at natural story points, and created my first pages in two new Custom Photo Children Books. I call them, "In the Adventure" books. 

I'm currently still working on the illustrations for my first two books, and I'm eager to take my first contracts for custom photography shoots so I can produce the books for some hopefully, very happy children and pleased parents!

My two book titles are, "Where shall I put this fish?" and "The Elf Emergency."

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