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Enchanted Earth Gifts (EEG)

Website & product design, branding, and e-commerce

Resources Used

  • Google and Facebook Analytics

  • Social Media Ads Managers

  • Windows PC laptop

  • iMac Pro

  • Wix e-Commerce

  • iPhone 8+

  • Live Streaming in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube through the Enchanted Earth Gifts accounts

Need a Web Specialist?

If you're interested in hiring me for a UX/UI or Web Specialist position (especially in Europe), please contact me

EEG Website and Product Design

I created the Enchanted Earth Gifts e-commerce site and all its products myself. I created the product packaging, SEO, photographic assets, radio ads, newspaper ads, the product descriptions, the labels, the live streams, marketing campaigns, and everything, in addition to the products themselves. My wife makes bubble truffles and I make the handmade soap, shower steamers, bath bombs, whips, scrubs, exfoliation bars, and more.

I sold my products via a point of sale terminal (my iPad) at craft shows and events, as well as online through my Enchanted Earth Gifts e-commerce website. 

I also created all social media content for the 6+ years I ran the business. 

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