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Nature, Portrait, & Street Photography

Equipment Used

  • Sony mirrorless camera

  • Various Sony and Sigma lenses

  • Affinity Photo , Adobe Lightroom, or Adobe Photoshop for editing

Need a Photographer?

If you're interested in booking me as your event photographer, and you're in the Greater Atlanta / West Georgia area, or if you're interested in hiring me in Europe, please contact me.

Nature Photography

I grew up living on a lake in an extremely rural area of Southwest Georgia in the USA. I ran through the woods, went hiking, and swam and water-skied every single day of the year. I've even caught fish and picked up alligators and snakes with my bare hands (something I'd never like to repeat). Spending so much time in nature has given me an immense appreciation for the ataraxia it can bring. Ataraxia is my favorite word and it simply means, "peace of mind." 

Now, I currently live on 7.6 acres of land and I go outside often with my boys, just walking through the woods and playing down by our creek. I love taking photos of nature although I never really do anything with them besides post them on social media or use them as backgrounds for training modules. I suppose I like sharing nature with others so that maybe I can bring them a little bit of ataraxia, too. 

Street & Portrait Photography

Why Street Photography? I've always loved well-designed and unique buildings and machines. I took a year of architecture classes for fun and designed my own house. Having worked in manufacturing, I've gotten to help design some pretty fantastic machines and I often enjoy thinking about how things work. I study things.

Portrait Photography

I also study people. People are fascinating. I believe we're at our best as humans doing three things:

  1.  when we study life,

  2. when we show kindness, and

  3. when we set goals and charge after them with unstoppable force.

We should often remind ourselves about that first part because it leads to the others - slow down sometimes and study life. It helps us better know who we are. 

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